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Serproxy is a multi-threaded proxy program for redirecting network socket connections to/from serial links, in cases where the remote end of the serial link doesn't have a TCP/IP stack (eg an embedded or microcontroller system). The proxy allows other hosts on the network to communicate with the system on the remote end of the serial link. The Linux version requires a recent version of libpthread to compile/run.

Serproxy Downloads (Version 0.1.2)

Linux Apps

Fred, the FRiendly EDitor

This is a small, fast(ish) GPL-licensed clone of the standard DOS editor, It's designed for small or embedded Linux installations where X-Windows isn't available and ram/disk space is at a premium. Perfect for people allergic to vi, and who don't have enough ram or hours in the day to wait for Emacs to load up. :)

This is still a work in progress, and requires (n)curses.

Fred Downloads (Version 0.0.1)

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